söndag 13 april 2014

Opus Magna and misc

So, since last I have managed to pull some Opus days and get some solid work in on the Opus Magna. I have mainly been working on the assembly and trying to make the different blocks stick together without tejp or book supports. This has not changed how the Opus looks in any significant manner but now at lest one can see what it will al look like when it gets done. It is hardly a mini any longer. I had to assemble a temporary table to house it while working on it as I need to keep it assembled to do measurements and so on and I cant have it and the plastic sheets on the same table. One important thing I learn over the last few days is that it is not always  the looks that is the most important when building something on this scale, it is infrastructure and assembly. I did have a clear view in my head about what the opus would look like and I went with it. However, I did not think about how to assemble the sub parts and mostly, not how they should support each other. This meant that I spent the last few days trying to make structure that would compensate for the wrongs I did when just building after how I wanted it to look. Well, that is out of the way now, and all the blocks are supported, so now I can start with the coverings, cover ups and final details. Then off course I need to build the super structure. I do have an idea for the island and a radio tower. I do not know exactly how high to make them but I guess that it will sort it self out. I also need to tidy up the inside so that it will look ok when locking in through the open hatches, elevators etc.

Apart from this I have manage to paint some normal, one evening models. I turned out to be an assault marine for my Fallen Angles and a Blood Letter. Not much to say about these guys really. It is nice with models you can paint in one sitting and not something you need to spend weeks or months on.

Well I will stick with painting small models for a while now to recuperate from the Knight. Then I have some more big models to paint before I can do some more kit bashing.

I do have a conversion in mind that might not be to difficult but might still look super cool so I might stick it in as a distraction on my more long term work. The Hell Lord is also a tempting model to work on... so we will see what turns up over the coming weeks.

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