måndag 7 april 2014

Fallen Knight; Done

I have finished the Fallen version of the Imperial Knight. I am very pleased with the result. It was such a fun model to paint. It really is so full of details that you really get a sense of weight from it. Several times I have been surprised when picking it up, my brain expect it to be heavier than what it is...  I suppose that is good. Hope fully it will get some buddies in the future but it will have to wait as this model is so intense to paint. I don't see how folks can paint two or three of these at the same time. Well now I will go back to painting small soldiers for a while. I will try to finish of some of the other mechanicum models I have sitting on the to do self. I have promised my wife that I will have to finish one of the old models before I can start a new project. Of course I still have the Hell Lord to finish and the Opus Magna can also use a little love, so I have lots of things to work on. We will see what ends up under my brush.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Absolutely fantastic work!

  2. @ Mordian7th and Zzzzzz, Thanks, glad you like it. I am very happy with it.