söndag 3 november 2013

Dropship misc parts

I am currently painting some different parts of the dropship so that I can assemble it for the external painting. I need to get the sliding doors done before attaching the roof as this will lock them into place. I also needed to paint the tail section as some of it will be hard to get to after assembly. The same goes for the undercarriage housings. I also need to get the landing gear sorted to that I can put the model down without damaging the paint. It is quite a large model and it is getting harder to paint as it grows. I might have to get an airbrush at some point. Especially when it is time to start painting the Opus Magna. But so far dry brushing is ok. I also realise that some of the plasticard build could have been neater, I really can see now where I became sloppy with the details. Lesson learned.

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