måndag 28 oktober 2013

Dropship interior

  I have been working on the interior of the dropship  so that I can close it up and start on the outside. One thing I noticed is that it is a pain to paint the interior details on an already built model. So if I am ever to paint an interior again it will be before assembly of the whole thing. That was of cores not an option in this case as I did not know how it would look in the end and I had to build it before painting. But if I am ever going to do another I will do the inside first. I will try to do some touch ups but I am afraid that it will look pretty much as it does. The big thing in the middle of the CIC with the screens is the VTOL manifold if anyone is wondering. Since I added the intakes with turbines on the under side of the fuselage I had to put something on the inside to represent the air duct the leads to the downwards pointing exhausts. It looks abit out of plase but it will do.

I have also done some work on the Opus Magnas flight deck and will hopefully have it assembled shortly so that I can post about it. Right now it is more or less what was in the other post but with more details...

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