måndag 12 augusti 2013

Lord of skulls

This time it really has been some time since my last update. It is frankly because I have not had time to paint or build or do anything with my hobby this last month. The house has just eaten all my time. But now it is done and I hope to have some time to finish of some of my projects before starting new ones. Talking about starting new projects. I where happily working away on the dropship when it suddenly hit me, I was starting to get sloppy in my hast to finish it. So before I ruined to much I stopped work. There are some thing that I have to go back and redo but I think I managed to stop in time. So as I could not work on the dropship I thought that I should get a model and simply build it out of the box to have something to paint as I waited for the dropship mojo to return. As it happened this coincided with the Apocalypse release so I bought a Khorne Lord of skulls. I am not really a big fan of the model. I did have some idea about rearranging the parts but in the end I just made some minor modifications. I shortened the main body armour, turned the back tracks around and decreased the pressure tanks to two. No major re modelling so that I could get painting. I did see some early work on a walking type with the pressure tanks as legs but did not like it enough to make the build. However, later, when I was almost done with the build I came across a version utilising the defiler legs and Helldrake wings, which gave me some ideas. I will have to see if I will do anything with it in the future. As of now I will just finish it as it is, then get back to the dropship and finish it. Then hopefully I will have enough inspiration to get back to the Mechanicum and finish some of the myrmidons and knights that has been hanging around my to do shelf for far to long. Once this is done I might treat my self to a new big project. I do have an idea of building a large amphibious assault carrier with a full flight wing. This is still in the planing stages but I am tempted. But I will have to finish some of the other stuff before I can get that going.

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