måndag 26 augusti 2013

Lord of Skulls update

I am back at work, both at home and at work. Even though I am planing the Opus Magna build I am chipping away at the Lord of Skulls. I really ought to get it done so that I can finish up the dropship, war-bird, build before starting any new stuff. The colour scheme on the Lord of skulls is quite straight forward, red bronze and metal. This means a lot of drybrushing to get the colours an weathered look but it is good as a soft start-up for the season. I am also testing out some chipping techniques for battle damage. Usually I have done some dark background and bolt gun metal as battle damage. Now I am experimenting with adding a bright edge to the damage to give the illusion of depth. I am not quite happy with it yet, but sooner or later I will get the hang out it. One just have to be careful so that it does not start to look to painted. This is some thing of an balancing act. I have seen models that are beautifully painted, with lots of NMM, source lighting, 3D chipping etc...  but in the end, however good they look, they look more like something out of a painting then a miniaturized warrior of the battle field. Some times less is more. At some point I will probably paint another of these models, mixing it with a Helldrake, and then I really should have the damage part down as such a build will be quite the centre peace of my display. Now, back to painting.

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