måndag 10 december 2012

Pre Heresy Dark Angel prt2

A small update on my Dark Vengeance Pre Heresy Dark Angels....

I have finished my Pre Heresy DA DW. I am happy with the look of the model, it is a bit sad that is not a real pre heresy model, but it will do. I have also painted one of the cultists as a DA serf, wearing the withe robes of the Dark Angels with the red chapter symbols. It does tie in incely with the Dark Angels look. I can but help to notice the similarities of the pre heresy Dark Angels and the Black Templars. The colors are the same and both legion and chapter is based on European medieval knights. I do wonder what will happen with the new DA codex, will they keep the ties with the native Americans or if they will have a stronger tie with the Hourus Heresy books...   we will see.

I have also gotten a new display place for my models. I must say that I have a most understanding wife as they are now displayed in an enlarged cabinet wall in the center of the new hose. I still have not put all the models in but the Northern Ghost titan legion has taken up residence. Now I will have space for some of my early work as well as the new models.

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