måndag 3 december 2012

Forge Mauler Finished

The Forge Mauler is finished. It did turn out ok, almost as I had in mind. This time I started out painting it an over all metal, adding different red toned inks to give it a rusted and whether beaten look. After that I added black patches on the armor plates, in recesses or on plates that would be protected, the idea being that most of the paint had been worn off or flaked away during the beasts battles. I also tried a method that I have read about where you add a light color edge between the metal and the paint to give it a raised look. I actually like the result. I think it would have been hard to make it look realistic with out it as there are about equal parts black and metal and just leaving the edges un-markt made it look very flat.
Over all I enjoyed the build, it was straight forward, the model is excellent  much detail and easy to assemble, the cannons on the back was an easy swap job that did not demand any major cutting or green stuffing. I can however imagine that you will have to limit the number of these in your army as the pose is the same for all of them and the sculpting is such that it is hard to change it with out some serious green stuff work.
I have also bought the Dark Vengeance box, so that I have some easy to assemble models to paint over Christmas  I still have my mechanicum walkers to model and paint, but DV models will be thing to paint while I wait for the mechanicum models to get done. I will get back on both fronts telling you about my progress.

On another note, this blog started out as a WIP blog about me building a trio of FW titans. During these posts I posted a lot of pictures of unfinished peaces where one could see how I progressed and what the parts looked like while I painted. This was quite natural as it took me a bit over a year to finish them. In my later posts I have mostly posted pictures of the finished models, as I will usually finish one model between pots. If you have any preferences of what kind of pictures of my work you would like to see, WIP, finished, more angles etc, please leave a comment. Lighting and pic quality is rather limited now as it is perpetually dark this time of year and I am using a small pocked cam.

Until next time then...

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  1. That really turned out great! I really like the metal look, and the shoulder mounted cannons look awesome!