söndag 6 maj 2012

Space Wolves

During the last week(s?) i have painted some more Space Wolves. I am starting to get a feeling for the color scheme. I kind of like the dark color that they turned out to have. In the beginning I thought that they might be to dark and that they looked kind of lat in the color. Some more high lights might have been good. Then I started to look at the painting process. After I have painted the base blue in its two stages of dry brushing they are very detailed with a loot of highlights, but as I start to ad the other colors I lose the contrast of the base armor as it is so dark compared to the yellow and bone. So it is a trick of the eye rather than a real lack of highlight. And, if you look closely at the model you still see the highlights. Strange, but that is how it is. And as I accumulate more and more of them they look better and better, strange. In a group they look much better, the highlights pop out and so on. I also tried to use some transfers to get the Company logo on, but I could not get them flat on the shoulder pads and the borders got wrinkled so I took them of again. This probably means that I will have to free hand the symbol...   which might be for the better since I have gone for a very heavily chipped shoulder paint. Well I will paint up the last of the models I have and we will see where it goes form there.
I am also on the verge of buying the thing I need for the next mechanicum project, so this will also take up a large part of my time.
So here are the latest of the Space Wolves, Wolf Guard, Grey Hunter and a Blood Claw.

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