onsdag 16 maj 2012

New project

So, the things for my new project arrived today. When I got home from work I found a large package guarded by Balthazar in the hallway. After some unpacking I realized the magnitude of my purchases. This will be the next installment in my mechanicum army which will hopefully give me, two knights, three raptors, three myrmidons, two or four re-arming bunkers and a lot of bits for coming projects.

The myrmidons will be based on some conversions that I have found on the internet. There will be two myrmidons based on the model made by Mordian7th. Then there will be a heavy version based on a scorpion pattern defiler by tentakel games. They will not be copies but similar.
Then I will make one more Knight like the one I have. I will also make a heavy version with more armor and dual CCW. The left over legs and weapons from the boxes will be used to make some smaller two legged weapon drones that can accompany the knights. 
The bastions from the strong points will be made into rearming stations where knights and titans can stop to reload their weapons, or I might make them into drop pods for the knights.

These units are not taken from the fandexes that are out there and I will make them mostly to look good, not to be playable other than in very freindly games.

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