söndag 4 mars 2012

Space Wolves

Once again I have been away for the week on work but I managed to get some solid painting time in this week end. This time I am focusing on the Space Wolves. They where my first wh40k army. And as I have said before my painting methods have evolved somewhat sine then. I have always had a lite bit of a problem with the blue withe gray color. In my first attempts I base painted them in shadow gray, then a coat of blue ink. Then some heavy drybrusing, which, sadly enough left a lot of dark blue showing. Well, it was my first attempt to paint an army. The problem is that the whole army is painted this way.

At some point in the past I decided to try another darker scheme. So I took two of the old models and and repained them (seen on the right in the pair pictures of the blood claw and the wolf guard). This time I used a washed out black ink insted of the blue. After some drybrushing and wet blending I got a better, darker color. However, I did keep the original palette of the space wolves as presented in the 90ths codex. Even if the models got a cleaner look they where not that different and still felt a little bit like happy vikings. Then a time back I saw Astorath the grim, I loved the model but could not bring my self to paint a Blood Angel, I am more of a Dark Angel guy (but in rality I am mostly afraid of starting a new army). Well, after reading Dan Abnetts "Prospero Burns" from the Horus Heresy series I got inspired. So I got a finecast version of Astrorath and started to slap on some green stuff to get him in to his wolf state. I then pained him in a dark grey using Shadow grey, badab black, codex grey, fortress grey and space wolves grey. I then pained the ribbed parts in a dark brown to resemble the plated leather mentioned in the novel. I also keep the color palette to the black, brown, yellow and earthy tones. This gave him a much darker look as befits the emperors executioner. I am quite happy with him and I am a bit curious about what a whole squad would look like, so I might have to paint up some more space wolves to see how it turns out, and they have just released some nice new models, so I will have think about this. The last picture is of an old space wolf and a possessed space wolf from my chaos army based on the old palette.

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