torsdag 23 februari 2012

Thunder chick update

 So, a small update on the thunder chick. I have painted the las-cannon tower and some small details. There are still some things to do on it, as it is on the whole army, but that will have to wait until I have decided on the details of the army. I am not sure if the army should just be in a base color or if I should start adding details. Lately I have started to add the imperial eagle in blue...  as a testament to their former loyalty instead of removing it as I did in the beginning. I dont know if it as or subtracts from the idea of the army. Well after this I have the demon prince that I have started to finish up in green stuff and a then I have a surprise. Or if you have been vigilant you might have seen it in earlier photos in this blog...

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  1. Really nice man, got a nice looking collection there.