söndag 29 januari 2012

Thunder chick.

So, after taking a little break with my 40k modeling. But now I am back, at least for a while, I am going away for some weeks so it will be a while until next update. But a few months ago I built a stormraven gunship. Now was the time to start painting it. During the Titan project I did learn about weathering and some other techniques that I wanted to test, so this will be the opportunity. I read an article over on FtW about painting vehicles, and I did not recognize myself. In some details it is in line with my own ideas but in some it was quite different.

In my bock painting vehicles is all about non uniformity, the base paint does not need to be smooth and even, rather the opposite, the more color variations the better as this will give the model a realistic look. I tend to start with some thing that looks very sloppy and then I work it over by layers building up a more coherent color but with subtle variations in the background which I find gives the model more depth and realism. Add some nice weathering to this and you go from something that looks like a painted toy to something that looks more like a miniature of something real. Of course the method to use depends on what results you want.

So the first step is to paint a thing layer of your base paint over a black base coat. This layer will look strange but dont wory.

Second step is to give it a bit of a wash or ink to give the recesses some deeper color. One can also paint in the lines with a darker color by hand, you do not have to be super neat about it.

The third stage is to drybrush the model with the base color.

The fourth and fifth stage is just to bring the color up by latest two additional tones.

After this you start over with stage two and work your way up again. you can do this as many times as needed. I usually go for two turns to get some more shades in there.

Then it is on the some weathering, details and such, that will be the next stage for me.

Until later then..

4 kommentarer:

  1. This guy is coming together nicely. I like the varied tones on the armour... it makes for a nice change to what you normally see on vehicles.

    And I think the conversion is quite nice as well.
    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Thanks. I am quite happy with the conversion, it is not advanced, does not require a lot of greenstuff or an extensive bits box. It is just a small rearrangement of the original parts. I have found that this tends to give the best result if you are not a wiz at scratch building parts to the same standard as the models. In this regard the development of the highly detailed plastics is slightly negative, it becomes harder to make convincing modifications. But over all I prefer these models over the old ones. As for the painting i find that drybrushing is getting slightly neglected compared to airbruching and other methods. With the right brush you can get it to look nice.

  3. Agis,

    I love the conversion and the paintwork man, you've done a cracked of a job.

    We seem to be running on a similar timeline, I've just had a few months off and have come back into the hobby again with a dark and dirty stormraven, not as awesomely converted as yours though.

    1. Thanks. The stormraven was a test project for me as I have not done flyers before, It is a great oportunity to make something that is realy beat up and dirty. I did have a look at your stormraven and I like your tail extention. I was thinking about doing something similar but could not get it to work.