lördag 7 januari 2012

Gatling blaster

The holiday season is realy great for getting some painting done. All these lazy days with no obligations. This is just the time to get somewhere. Or on the other hand there might be no time at all. Well, for me it has been a good time where I have managed to get in a quite a few days of solid painting. The latest thing to get painted is the Gatling blaster. I am, well, I am not sure what I am, paint wise I am happy, I got nice shading and the individual pieces look ok but I am not happy with the overall look. The barrels are too uniform compared to the rest of the titan.I could have gone for metal barrels look but it would have been slightly contrary to the over all look of the titan which I have kept to a believable military pattern. I think I will have to go back and add some with/bone to the barrels, I have seen withe bands around tank barrels so I will see if I can make something lake this. Well, this more or less concludes the reaver, the crew is half painted but otherwise it is base painted and the look as it is is. Now i only have the two remaining warhound weapons left to paint and they are not horribly advanced so I think I might have them painted quite soon.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful - I've really enjoyed seeing the reaver come together, and those last two shots of it are gorgeous. Keep up the great work!