måndag 18 april 2011


Once again life has intruded my plans for the mechanicum. But don´t worry, I have a new project again. This time its time to tackle the Scitarii. What would a fledgling titan legion be without Scitarii. The titan, and knights for that matter, needs foot sloggers to protect their feet. Most people that I have seen on the net are using guards or dark angel (or marines in generall) models painted in the Mechanicum colors to represent the scitarii. Others are using the Ironbrothers (or something similar, can´t find it). Looking at the fiction the two main sources (that I have reed) are mechanicum and titanicum. In mechanicum the scitarii are described as mechanical cyborgs, more machine than men, in titanicum they are portrayed as savage warriors with cybernetic upgrades.I rather think the mechanicum description sounds better. Why would the mechanicum, that revers the machine, use biological warriors if they have the technology to use servitors in battle chassis. It don´t want the the scitarii to be just another imperial guard army or dark angels in red robes. So to represent my scitarii I choose to use the necron warriors. So to make them look less like necrons and more like scitarii I planed to use some guitar strings and green stuff to make a gas-mask and some power cables. So I when to the music store, picked up some guitar strings and a box of necrons. Once at home I opened up the necron box and took a lock at the sprues, and then it hit me that I could build them another way that did not require me to sculpt. =) Now I can here some of you thinking that then they will only look like necrons. Well as with the defiler, there are ways to assemble the parts in a kit so that it does not look like what it is. Of course you can see what the ground model is but the trick is fooling the eye to see something else. So what do they look like then. Are they just necrons dressed up, I let you decide.

The head is made from the front of the fleyer gun and the necron head. I took the weapon and attached it to the left arm. The lower support of the weapon with the axe blade makes a close combat weapon. The small scarabs make exelent backpacks. I will paint these two and then decide if they will cut it or not but I like the feel of them. THey have a dynamic pose and they are easy to build. If it does not work I will go back, add some wires and green stuff to make them less necron.

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