söndag 3 april 2011

Grey Knights

I thought that I had to say something about Grey Knights now that the new codex is out. I have not looked in the codex, I don´t even own any of the new models but I have a squad of really old Grey knights terminators from the time when they first appeared in the Warhammer 40,000 compilation. These where in the old days of Rough trader when there was really hard stuff around. A grey night terminator squad where 1200 points.

They where all lv 4 psykers. For those of you who are not familiar with the old level psyker system theses are the max level which includes some rather special powers like temporal distort, stasis, change allegiance and telekinesis 4. Temporal distort gives the player a number of options such as altering the turn sequence or repeating any one turn sequence. If a sequence is repeated only the players models may act. =). Change allegiance allows the player to steal a unit from the opponent. Telekinesis allowed the psyker to lift and move objects equivalent to a large vehicle which could be used as projectiles causing strength 7 attack causing D10 wounds. In CC the grey night could expend psi points through the nemesis weapon to increase the strength and lower the armor save of the opponent. They could also deliver a Psychic blast that causes 2D6 wounds. Then you could take a lord for 600 points without extra equipment. So the models presented here where in their own time a 2000 point army. =) I don´t believe having a 6 man army is line with the current philosophy of GW .

Then I can not help to say something about the mega night or what it is called. I do like the model to some extent but I do not think it fits in with the fluff. If you need large battle machines you call in the mechanicum, you do not strap in your marine in a super exo-skeleton, but that is just my opinion. Then I do wounder why they put the extra pistons on the outside of the shoulders for...  they do not fit in.

Just to say something about the color scheme of the models. When I bout these models there was not official way to paint them so I choose to make them grey instead of the metallics of today. The shield and banners do however sadly reflect my age at the time and the way models where painted in the 90th. These models are not as detailed as the current ones but I like the Gothic look of the armor. I like the new grey night models, the details are superb and since they are plastic they offer some interesting modeling opportunities so I might have to get me some and paint them up. The question then is if I should make them in the the same color scheme as my old ones or if I should give the metallics a go, we will see. For now I will return to the fallen mechanicum and continue on the titans. I guess there will be an update on these later today once I do some detail painting on Unbearable Desire.

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