fredag 18 mars 2011


So, I have kept working on the knight and now the legs are assembled. I could not resist to bluetack the rest of the knight together to have a look at what it will look like. And as it was assembled I thought that I would take some pictures and present here so that you all know what it is that I am working on now. There are still a lot of green stuff work to do in order to fill all gaps an so but I think it is starting to look the part. For those of you that are conscerned that I have given up on the titans, you can all take it easy. The reavers legs are now painted and I will move on to the pelvis as well as continue with the green stuff work. I put a death guard in the picture to give a sense of scale. The model is part of my pre-heresy possessed space marines. These guys are all loyal legionaries that has been possessed either in or after death.

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