onsdag 7 november 2018

Varangian dragons, WIP

I have been working on some decorations for the cooling ridges of the Varangian. My initial thoughts were to have some rib like structures on the sides between the cooling vents. Then I came up with the idea of also having some sort of skull covering the intake cowls, which then off course led to the idea of having a full skeleton along the whole cooling ridge. But that also meant a ton more sculpting and I do not know if I am up to the challenge. Right now I am working on the skulls and some rib cages...  I already have spines going along the whole structure. I am not sure how much of the skeleton to actually make...  as it is now there will be skulls with a spine and some ribs. There is off course also the option to make some front and hind legs with the appropriate attachment points. My wife is however skeptical to the whole ribs idea and so and thinks it is enough with just the skulls... so I am a bit hesitant to put to much effort into this if it risks being scraped in the end.

The sculpting is far from done yet, but just to give a view of what might be...

3 kommentarer:

  1. I think it’s enough with just Skulls and Backbone skeleton bits, your Missus is correct ;) She who must be obeyed ;)

  2. Just another unqualified opinion from the internet, but I think that your painting style and ability, with the GS skull and spine bits, will produce a super finished product without the over fussy rib sections.