söndag 30 september 2018

General WIP

I am back, sort of...   Last couple of weeks has been taxing at work so I have not had much time to work on my modeling projects. Apart from that I have not felt any real mojo for any specific project, so I have just been doing some work here and there on what ever has been lying around.

For the Varangian I have continued with the shoulder armor. It is not quite done yet. I still need to give the edges another go with the drybrush and then add some color to the sigils etc...
I have also been working on the back with some green stuff, adding two dragon skeletons to the ridges. This is the second try at the skulls, the fist time they turned out to large and the anatomy did not quite work out. This time I think they look better. I still have some work to do before they are done. I also need to finish the rest of the spine and the ribs, adding spikes etc and making sure the void shield projectors fit in...

I have also been working on the dominus Knight... painting the leg, torso and back armor... I still have quite a bit more to do before it is finished, but I think it is coming along nicely.

I have also work on my armigers and have now more or less finished the build of two of the Helverins... now they just need some GS chaosification before painting can commence.

So to put it shortly, I am a bit all over the place just now and I have not been able to finish anything of lately... I hope that some rest will help me to focus and end some of the projects. I am tempted to add my Helverins to the Dreadtober challenge (http://dreadtober.blogspot.com/) just to help me focus a bit... but that might just add more pressure that I don't need at the moment. I have a week off from work now so hope fully I will be able to post some finished models/sections later in the week.

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  1. Wow. What a collection ! They look great together. Is that a vorax up there on the right ?

  2. Thanks, and there is more shelves that aren't in the picture. The model in the top right is not a vorax even thought there are some similarities. It is a scratch build I made many years ago. Once I paint the vorax I do have I will take a picture together.