måndag 8 januari 2018

Varangian and green stuff

Well, I did manage to get the legs painted and assembled over the holidays more or less like I planed. It took me a bit more time than I though to get each leg to a point were I felt comfortable joining them to the pelvis. I do not understand how people paint this thing assembled. I still need to finish of the toe pistons and the pistons at the hips and get them securely glued in before I trust to place to much weight on the legs.

But I could not resist attaching the armor plates and the upper body for some quick shots. As you can see I have also started to work on the chaos-i-fication of the armor plates. There is lots of space to work with so it will take some time I believe before I can get some paint on them. It is always a balance act when working with green stuff. If you add to little it does not look believable and if you add to much it looks overworked. I tend to add a little at a time and let it rest in-between to get used to the feel before adding more. At some point it just feels finished and then it is time to paint. In the meantime, until this feeling of completion arrives, I will keep working on the interior, but I might paint the upper box just to get the whole body finished and then ad the plates, shoulders etc. I also need figure out how to attach the arms and weapons in a reasonable way.

The project is not moving quickly but it is moving.

As a note on moving. The stance of the legs are in a position were the titan is steeping over the highest object the titan can traverse, which turns out to be a chimera APC. When assembled like this and at full height it really becomes obvious that the knee joints of the legs are a badly flawed design for a walker this tall.

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