måndag 8 augusti 2016

Varangian WIP

Finally, I have started to work on the Varangian, warlord of the Nothern Ghosts. As I am building an interior for my warlord I started out with the torso pieces. First of was some drilling and magnetizing for the waist and the head. Used a 10 mm/0.8 kg magnet for the head and a 20 mm/10 kg magnet for the waist. Then it was on to the torso assembly. After several dry fittings I realized that things were not as straight as they appeared to out came the hair dryer. After some individual tweaking I dry fitted the whole torso and wrapped it in masking tejp. Then I put the hair dryer to one of the rear vents and filled it up with hot air, Then I gently squeezed the whole assembly so that any gaps closed. This was then fine tuned after taking it apart and gently warming one part and pressing it against it cool mate. This worked out fine and the fit between the parts is now so god that the glue I will use to assemble it might actually fill them so I do not need to green stuff it.
Once I was satisfied that the parts were coming together in the right way I started to work on the interior. I had some ideas of what it might look like but once I started with the manufactorium parts I sort of just went with it and used as much of those parts as I could, even for things I initially thought I would use plasticard for. All in all I think it is coming together nicely, and once I have lower internal parts done I will assemble the bottom and start moving upwards. All the internal panels will be painted separately but I need to make sure they can be moved in and out. I will have to build some custom stuff but I thought I would try to use as much molded plastic as I can and hope that there is some margin in what weight the legs can take.

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  1. Your work is amazing.

    And you have mail :)

  2. 1. I can't believe for such an insane kit, this doesn't come with an interior.
    2. That considered, of course YOU are building an interior.

    Hobby beast!

  3. Thanks guys. I am looking forward to this build... and the interior is not the only thing that will get an overhaul.