tisdag 22 mars 2016

Knights on legs

I finally managed to get some time in with the knights. So I finished of the bases and assembled the legs. Now I can mount the torso on the legs and get a better feel for the pose of the Knights. So far it is looking ok. I would have wished the knight with the belt feed gun would have the gun in a more forward direction instead of across the chest, but I have realised that the anatomy of the knight does not allow for that. I might have been able to point it slightly more forward but the belts prevent it and I am not about to remake these. Over all I think they are looking distinct, which is nice since they are all from the same mono pose kits. Now I just need to finish of the arms for the close combat variant. Initially I thought I would go for a dual wielding swords man, but now I am more into a sword power fist/shield combo as it will make it stand out from the warlord with its symmetric armament. Of course I can not just mount a standard fist on it so I am looking into the possibility to have two assault cannons mounted on the back of the hand (inspired by the warlord power fist).
Well it is really nice to have them on their feet. There is still much to do, but now I can at least see where I am going.

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  1. ha hah ha. Loving the Overkill look for the knights. Looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with the third one.