onsdag 30 september 2015

Warlord Knigth; WIP

I managed to finish the major parts of the insides of the Knight and went on to work a bit on the outsides and specifically the Warlord Knight. As one might gather from the name it will look similar to the Warlord titan. It will have two rapid fire battle cannons on the arms and two thermal canons on the back. To facilitate this I needed to add two more hard-points above the arms. I had planed to build something out of plasticard but before I stated I rummaged through the bits box to see if I could find something that might work. What I found was the feet to an icaros lascannon. Some small modifications and I had some nice arms to hold the extra weapons. However, the armour is not designed for this so I had to thin out the back carapace were the arms go out and I had to cut holes in the shoulder pads.The shoulder pads also had to be raised about 5 mm to accommodate the arms. I will add some more details to them to tidy up the cut outs and the offset. All in all I think it looks ok, but I will leave it for now and see if it looks better or worse tomorrow.

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