söndag 19 april 2015

Bloodthirster; update 2

Not much new on the Bloodthrister. I have painted the red on the head and hands as well as gotten some metal on to the axes. The horns are not quite done yet but I am getting there. I have also attached it to the base so that I don't risk as much hipping handling it. It still lacks some armour, the wrist and thigh guards as well as the belt buckle and the loin cloth. I originally planed to use the full armour set that comes with the model but the more I am working with it I am getting convinced that I should keep the armour to a minimum. After I am done with the head I will go on to the wings which will take forever as they are so big that I will have to paint them one side at a time and four applications to each, adding up to 16 sessions.

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