söndag 8 december 2013

Prgress, dropship and Fallen Dark Angels

Once again I have been travelling with work and has not had much time to paint or blogg. Add to this the tedious work with large surfaces on the dropship and we are in for a bit of a wait for some clear progress. I have also been adding some time on the fallen Dark Angels and their serfs just to break up the paint scheme and add in some models I actually can finish in an evening. All in all I am happy with the result, now I just need to finish the last parts of the dropship and I will be free to work a bit more on the Opus and some other builds I have in mind. I have learned a lot during the dropship build, both a bout plastic card, scratch building and painting scratch build parts. One thing about building with plastic card is that you have to file the edges. When you snap the plastic card after scoring it with a knife, the edges are really sharp and will stand out when paired with casted parts that have more rounded edges. I have also noticed that the plastic card surface is much smoother than normal plastic kit parts and are more sensitive to scratching when painted, so one thing I will start doing in the future is to roughen the surface with sand paper to get the paint to stick better. Another thing that I have found to be true is that as with paint, plastic card needs atlest three layers to look believable, be that three sheet layers or two layers with ribbons or one layer with two layers of detail. Anything less and it tends to look flat and not blend in with the rest of the model. That beeing said, the most important par is to get the things symmetric and make it fit well together from the start, it is really hard to cover any gaps up with green stuff and any asymmetry really sticks out. So even if I am happy with the over all look of the drop ship it will not stand up to any closer inspection. But I will take these lessons to hart when working on the opus.

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