söndag 17 mars 2013

Progress report

This will be a short progress report as I have not finished any major models lately. I have been cleaning up on the to do list, mostly single model painted for relaxation. Three and a half Desert Brederen are now painted. The Helldrake that I got for Christmas is starting to take shape, even if there is still a lot to do there.
I will soon start painting on one of the defiler walker artillery that I got as a bonus from the Knight project. I will make it Desert coloured and paint up a Techmarine to go with it. I have also made a sergeant and a spotter to my heavy weapon squad, one pained they will get a razorback.
At the local hobby centre I also found some miniguns from "maxmini" so now I will make another heavy weapon squad.
In the near future I will receive an order from GW with some weapon sprues and some Dark Angel upgrade sprues. I will use the weapons to upgrade two old plastic landraiders. These where originally for my Dark Angels but I never got around to painting them (I already have the duplicates painted). The rest of the weapons will go into a Fellbalde conversion project.

I do have so many plans for what I want to paint and so little time. We will see how much of it that gets done. I will anyhow try to limit the amount of models being painted at the same time.

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