onsdag 20 februari 2013

Rider of the Desert Wind

I am on fire it would seam. A lot of models get painted and I am keeping up with the posting. Now I have finished my first Rider of the Desert Wind. I used the sergeant from the Dark Vengeance set, it is not an optimal model since it is a "one peace" model, and I have just gotten around to paint my models in smaller parts before assembly, but I think it turned out nice and I will surely add more bikes to the Desert Eagles. The colours are not as smooth as I could have gotten them if I could have painted the rider separately from the bike. I will have to get some of the new Dark Angels bikes so that I can get a champion, medic and a banner man for these guys. I also have some old bikes and attack bikes that where meant for my old Dark Angels army which might get relocated to the Desert Eagles. We will see, I currently have a lot of ideas for models for the Desert Eagles and I have not finished my Knights and Myrmidons yet. I might have to to into hard negotiations with my self over this...

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