torsdag 24 januari 2013

Dark Angel or Desert Eagle

When the new Dark Angels models hit the stores I knew that I had to paint some of them. I love the terminators in robes, But what color to paint? I am currently painting my dark Vengeance models as pre heresy DA. I also have a quite substantial green DA army from way back. Adding these new models to the old ones together with my painting evolution would look strange. So a pre heresy army was sounding more and more interesting, but painting black is so depressing. one has to shade the model beautifully from black to a light grey, and then just wash it with black, leaving only the memory of the work you just did. And then it is also a question about al the support models, troops, tanks etc...  But then I started thinking that the models might fit in to my Desert Eagles  These are painted in a color that shades well, and the them with robes might fit in nice with the desert theme. So i bought some DA termis, assembled one and started painting. i think it turned out well. So I will add some more DAs to my DEs. If I would play the DEs I could use the DA codex, the DW would be the Eagles Claw and the RW would be the Desert Wind, and they would all join up with the rank and file I already have with accompanying armor. Since that army already is a jumbel of different models, both loyal and heretics, new and old, I dont think it will look strange with the new models and some updated painting.

So what do you think, does it work?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Schonn. Yes it does work. Desert Eagles - sounds and looks good.

  2. Great work here, the paintjob and the assembling! I really like the pose.